If there was ever any question that Madonna was still the Queen of pop, it was settled once and for all at her sold out show last night at B.C. Place.

Entering the stage almost an hour late, "Her Madgesty" propped herself onto an "M"-encrusted throne grinding to "Candy Shop," the first track in her new album.

Flanked by a small herd of tuxedoed men, Madge belted out two songs from 2008's "Hard Candy." But make no mistake: Despite the tophat and tails, this is no 1985, pink-gowned "Material Girl" Madonna. This is "Sticky & Sweet" Madonna. Think pink electric guitars, crystal-encrusted batons, and an army of scantily clad dancers shining her gloriously high-heeled boots.

And if fans were upset about having to wait until her eighth world tour for her to play for the first time in Vancouver, they didn't let it show. An estimated 55,000 fans packed the show, which sold out in less than 20 minutes when tickets went on sale back in May.

Indeed, Madonnas of all shapes, sizes and colours descended on B.C. Place to pay homage to a diva who has dominated 25 years of pop music since her debut of "Holiday" in 1983.

The show did satisfy fans desires for oldies, but if it were a slow ballad you were after, you were out of luck.

"Borderline" was sped up with the aide of a pink electric guitar played by Madge herself, complete with head-banging solo. Even the violin-tinged "Vogue" was restyled with thumping bass.

The entire two-hour show was truly a testament to the unstoppable energy of a pop icon who celebrated her 50th birthday only two months ago. And those reported three hour a day workouts have paid off for the mother of two. Madge had no trouble keeping up with dancers 30 years her junior.

With nine costume changes - almost as many as the Material Girl's reinventions in her own career - she really proved the moniker of "Her Madgesty." And you can't fully appreciate her kingdom until you witness firsthand 50,000 of her followers singing along to 'Like a Virgin'.