The British Columbia legal community is reeling after hearing that one of their own -- Alexander Henderson -- is under investigation.

The former B.C. Supreme Court judge is involved in a police probe in the Cayman Islands. It's an investigation that has prompted the suspension of top police and justice officials.

When he worked in Vancouver, Henderson was a top prosecutor.

Nicknamed Ace, he worked on significant cases, including one that brought down a B.C. government.

He prosecuted Dave Stupich in the so called Bingogate scandal.

Later he was called to the bench.

He was the B.C. Supreme Court justice, who presided over the case of Shannon Murrin, the man accused of murdering of Mindy Tran.

He wrote government reports outlining how organized crime launders money.

He has instructed judges on how to handle juries.

Now Henderson is under investigation himself.

"A judge of a superior court and you are taken away in handcuffs, I can imagine how devastating and upsetting that would be,'' said B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal.

In 2003, Henderson left B.C. and worked as a grand court judge in the tiny Caribbean community of George Town, located in the Caymen Islands

On Wednesday, he was arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office.

It,s part of a corruption investigation into members of the royal Cayman Islands police service.

"These matters are ones that I give considerable thought to. They are ones that give me sleepless nights because of the implications for the individuals involved and for the country," said Cayman Islands Governor Stuart Jack.

Three top police officials have been removed from their posts.

Then the probe moved to the courts.

Last week, Grand Court Justice Priya Levers was suspended

The news has stunned many in B.C.'s legal community.

CTV reached criminal lawyer Terry La Liberte, who knows Henderson well..

"It's shocking, the fact he would be investigated, I just find astounding not something I would every think when it comes to Ace Henderson,'' said LaLiberte.

"I sat with him on the bench here when he was on the Supreme Court. He always had an excellent reputation,'' said Oppal.

Henderson has not been charged, and exactly what the London Metropolitan Police is accusing Henderson of doing remains a secret.

But it is being called an extraordinarily sensitive situation

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington.