The latest numbers provided by the province suggest nearly 28,000 children were immunized against the measles virus in the first six months of the year.

Data released Thursday showed the preliminary total, and provided an update on a catch-up program launched following an outbreak in the Vancouver area. 

Since April, 590,748 records have been checked, the update said.

"Through increased immunizations and records reconciliation, the number of children recorded as being fully immunized against measles has risen to 37,525," a release from the Ministry of Health said.

This fall, the province will launch its Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation. Starting in September, parents or guardians of kids with incomplete or missing records will be contacted by public health officials. 

It is thought by the ministry that mandatory reporting will allow officials to quickly identify those under- or unimmunized.

Exposure to measles was possible in the Vancouver area as recently as last month, when travellers who passed through YVR were advised someone with the virus had been there. 

Earlier this year, exposures were reported as possible at locations including a mall in Burnaby and a toy store in Richmond, as well as in B.C.'s Interior and on Vancouver Island.