It's the first time Vancouver has shut its schools for a snow day in more than a decade, and the school board is defending its decision.

In a statement to CTV News, the Vancouver School Board says the decision to cancel classes comes after "deep consideration" and discussions with the city and neighbouring school districts.

"The decision is made in the in safety interests of students and staff," said the board.

The closures meant that that daycares and other child care providers that operate out of schools were forced to close for the day.

The decision left some parents who had to work wondering what to do with their kids.

"I'm fortunately self-employed so we have that flexibility," said Eric Jang. "But I know some people got caught off-guard early this morning with the notice."

But the decision proved popular amongst those really affected: the kids.

"We can just play in the snow and enjoy today," Grade 4 student Jack told CTV News.

"Snow days don't happen that much in Vancouver," said Kai, another fourth grader, adding that he enjoyed building and making snowmen.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Ben Miljure