Police are investigating after a young K-pop dancer was chased and bitten by a large, off-leash dog in downtown Vancouver.

The terrifying encounter played out last Friday night in Robson Square, where two K-pop cover groups were practicing their dance moves.

Video taken at the practice shows a man walking his dog into the area without a leash before the animal suddenly rushes toward a group of dancers.

A 20-year-old woman is then seen screaming as the dog chases her and appears to nip at her legs.

"Everyone who was there just stood still, frozen with fear and disbelief at what was going on," said Daniel Garcia, who recorded the video.

The owner managed to control the dog by scolding it, but only for a moment before the animal started attacking the woman a second time.

Eventually, the man calms the dog down and walks it away from the scene.

The victim, Jamie Kwon, told CTV News she suffered a small, bleeding wound on her arm and a bruise during the encounter. Kwon said she's angry at the dog owner, calling him irresponsible for letting the animal run around a public area without a leash.

She reported the incident to police the next day. Kwon said she’s concerned about something similar happening to someone else, especially a child.

Vancouver police confirmed they are investigating what happened, but have not been able to locate the dog or its owner.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Angela Jung