VANCOUVER -- With the Lower Mainland getting hit with a blast of winter weather and more snow expected to fall, the BC SPCA is reminding pet owners that the chilly conditions can also affect their four-legged family members.

The SPCA has released a list of ways to ensure pets stay safe in winter conditions.

For dog owners, keep an eye on paw pads and toes, as salt and sand used to de-ice sidewalks and streets could get caught between them and pets could ingest it later on.

The SPCA suggests drying their paws off after going for a walk and using a pet-friendly noncorrosive compound when de-icing driveways.

If temperatures are extremely cold, the SPCA advises pet guardians to get their dog a winter jacket or booties to help them keep warm.

Much like humans, walking too fast in icy conditions can also cause pets to slip and injure themselves.

The animal welfare organization also warns drivers to check their cars before heading out. Cats and other small animals may be using the vehicle for shelter from the cold.

They suggest using a pet-safe antifreeze instead of ethylene glycol antifreeze, which is toxic to pets and wildlife.

For farm animals, the SPCA says to ensure the critters have access to shelter that is properly insulated to protect them from the cold and adverse winds.