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'I was blown away:' Green Men reflect on special return to Rogers Arena


After an eight-plus-year hiatus, the Green Men duo made an unexpected return during the first period of the Vancouver Canucks game Saturday.

The duo, known as 'Sully' and 'Force', made a grand entrance to the theme song of former WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin. Despite the lengthy absence, they settled into form by riling up the crowd and tormenting opposing players from their seats located directly beside the opponent's penalty box.

"I was blown away," Sully told CTV News. "It was like a party. It was like a rock concert and a hockey game broke out. It was so cool to be a part of that – just to play like the slightest role in [Saturday's] game was just – we’re just so humbled and it was so cool.”

"To be welcomed back with such a massive ovation truly meant the world to me," said Force, in a statement. "We have no idea how our return would be received, so we were overwhelmed by the reception!"

The duo rose to fame starting in 2009 and became more popular through the years, particularly during the Canucks 2011 run-up to the Stanley Cup final.

The Green Men and the team eventually parted ways, with both Sully and Force pursuing other personal endeavors. Sully tells CTV News he was shocked and extremely grateful the Canucks wanted them back.

"I haven't felt that kind of passion in that stadium in a long time," said Sully, who now lives in Saskatoon and was flown in for the game.

While there are no plans for the duo to stick around, they aren't ruling out another appearance down the road.

"We were thinking the whole time, one night only, but never say never now," said Sully.

And the Green men’s return may have been good luck for the team. The Canucks came from behind to defeat the Boston Bruins in overtime and snap a losing streak, much to the delight of the electric crowd. Top Stories

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