Heavy rainfall has flooded several roads and intersections in Vancouver.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. This happened in like less than two hours,” said Luca Mohamad, an employee at a National car rental location at the Vancouver airport, where the parking garage was inundated Thursday morning.

What began as light rain turned into a heavy downpour at around 9 a.m., flooding areas such as Cambie Street between Nelson Street and Pacific Boulevard in Yaletown.

The Vancouver airport saw a total of 38.2 millimetres rainfall Thursday morning, surpassing the previous Oct. 12 record set at 31 millimetres in 1961.

The Vancouver harbour and North Vancouver both saw about 25 millimetres of precipitation.

People could be seen attempting to clear storm drains as the water filled downtown intersections such as Robson and Denman streets. Parts of Broadway were also flooded as was Burrard Street in front The Sutton Place Hotel.

In Marpole, someone’s garage filled up with water.

“We had about 180 reports of flooding and catch basin issues,” said Taryn Scollard, the city’s director of streets and engineering. “We often rely on our residents and business to let us know whether it’s happening.”

Nine city crews are out working as quickly as they can to clear clogged storm drains.

In the meantime, city officials are asking residents to help out.

“We do ask that, if it's safe to do so and residents know there's a catch basin near them, if they could look out for it and clear leaves if they can,” Scollard said.

Vancouverites were quick to share photos and videos of the downpour on social media.

Others, however, said they didn’t mind the wet weather, nor were they surprised to see such precipitation in a city otherwise known as “Raincouver.”

“It’s a beautiful day today. I mean, a lot of people have been asking for rain all the time,” a passerby told CTV’s David Molko. “It’s good for you. It doesn’t hurt.”

The rain stopped by Thursday afternoon, but Environment Canada is forecasting wet weather for the city until at least Wednesday, leaving some in fear that the worst might be yet to come.

“Imagine if this was like four hours, five hours—maybe for three days, four days. I don’t know how we’re going to move around,” Mohamad said, adding that the situation “a disaster.”

With files from CTV Vancouver’s David Molko