Grouse Mountain resort is still threatening to pursue fines against four snowboarders who defied resort rules about out-of-bounds skiing last Friday and caused a search by rescuers and helicopters.

The resort has revoked the passes of the four, and banned them indefinitely, and will likely go after the costs spent to rescue them. This could run into thousands.

"It may seem hard-line but we have to take a stern approach to people who knowingly transgress boundaries," said William Mbaho of Grouse Mountain.

"Perhaps it is time for us as a community to seek tougher regulations, ask for legislative measures from our government."

North Shore Search and Rescue, who were involved in getting the four men off the mountain, is not sure this is the right way forward, but mainly because people don't pay.

"The ability to pay -- they may evade rescue. That's happened to us before. People have done that," said Tim Jones.

And people have died trying to find their way out on their own, instead of waiting for help.

Grouse Mountain says the punishment against the four boarders is spreading, with other resorts wanting the names and photographs of the rule breakers.

Meanwhile, the avalanche risk remains extremely high in the southern coastal mountains.

The restrictions follow the deaths of 10 men on B.C. mountains from avalanches last week.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Peter Grainger