Ever seem like the hardest person to shop for is the one you love? It doesn't have to be. There's help out there for busy people who need to get a Valentine's Day gift for their loved one.

Kristi Ferguson is the owner of Double You Biz, a personal shopping service for those with good intentions but not a lot of time.

She says the secret to buying the right gift for a special occasion is to focus on what your loved one likes - not just what you like.

"Your heart needs to be in the place of the person you're buying it for. So you need to keep in mind their tastes and style what they're passionate about," she recommends. "You know, (ask yourself) "Would they like it?"

Kristi found some unique Valentine's Day gifts for between $20 and $200. She found Chapters offered a number of affordable gift ideas. Two of her favorites were the books, "Love Letters of Great Men" and James Barber's "Cooking for Two."

If you like cooking but not all the prep-work -- Kristi recommends Indishpensible. You can pick up a complete meal for two for under $50 to cook at home.

"What's a better aphrodisiac than cooking a gourmet meal for your Valentine?" asks Indishpensible's owner, Brent Kyle.

And for dessert, Kristi suggests fabulous chocolates from Chocolate Arts on West 4th.

"One of my favorites, are the strawberry champagne truffles that they make. Those are delicious."

Edible Arrangements offers beautiful and edible treats from $30 to $200. You can even order on-line.

"It's a fun gift," says Kristi.

But if you're looking for something more personal...a whimsical umbrella from Gumdrops would work.

And for guys, almost anything at Momentum Grooming would be ideal. Their distinctive Meat and Potatoes shampoo and body bar is just $16 or consider a $45 dollar gift certificate for some pampering with an old fashioned shave.

For gifts under $100, Kristi recommends a crystal bracelet at Crystique: it could be the start of a tradition.

"All of the charms are really unique. And this gift can really be made for any person, any age. Any woman would love it whether she's 30 or 60. It can be really designed and personalized, which is wonderful," says Kristi.

She tops off her suggestions with a $200 crystal USB flash drive.

"You could use it to store pictures or put love songs on it and give it to your sweetheart."

And if you're buying a gift for Valentine's Day, or anytime, always check a store's return policy -- just in case your selection isn't perfect.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen