What's the best cell phone plan ? It's like asking what is the best pair of shoes -- there isn't one answer that fits absolutely everybody. But it is possible to find the best cell phone plan for you.

Ron hall is looking for a new cell phone plan.

"I'm just finding it really difficult to find a plan that would have all the things we would like to have," he said.

He's finding it confusing.

"There are so many different plans and so many different options and you have to read all the fine print," he said.

I thought I'd help narrow Ron's choices -- referring him to the website comparecellular.com.

It has cell phone plans from coast to coast and is updated daily. It even has information on the latest phones. Ron began clicking around

"Something that is obviously reasonably priced I'd be looking for something in the $25 to $30 range,"

"You've got to be realistic," recommends Al Kilburn, the man behind Compare Cellular.

"You can say I'm only going to use it for 100 or 150 minutes, after a few months you are going to get a wake up call."

A plan needs to be big enough to do everything you want -- without going over.

If you are regularly getting extra charges, you may save money overall with a larger plan or buying an additional feature like unlimited texting. But one caution before you switch:

"If you've got any features that you are used to using on your old plan that you make sure they are included or available on your new plan," said Kilburn.

Even if you aren't going over -- it pays to review your bills every three months looking for ways to save.

"It may be a bit of a surprise, maybe you are paying extra for a feature you are not using," he said.

After reviewing several plans Ron's found something from Koodo he likes.

"That one has the right amount of minutes and has unlimited texting and it's about $25 a month," said Ron.

And best of all he says there is no system access fee.

Here's how to take advantage of the new competition that is coming in the cell phone industry. If you let your contract expire it automatically becomes month to month. Then you can switch at any time taking your phone number with you without paying a penalty

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen