VANCOUVER -- An officer has been suspended following what police in Delta, B.C., describe as an "allegation of a sexual nature."

The allegation made against an off-duty officer was brought forward last month, the Delta Police Department said in a news release Thursday.

Few details of what is alleged have been made public, but the department said it warranted a criminal investigation.

The allegation involves two officers, Delta PD said. Both were off-duty, the incident is not alleged to have occurred within a police facility.

"This allegation is extremely concerning," Chief Neil Dubord said in the statement.

Police said the allegation does not involve any members of the public. The allegation appears to only involve the officers – one of whom has been suspended with pay.

The Surrey RCMP will lead the investigation. The Vancouver Police Department will then be tasked with a Police Act investigation that will be overseen by the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner.

"It is important that this allegation be investigated fully by an independent police department," Dubord said.

Although the investigation is underway, he said the department will "take the time to look inward," and examine its policies regarding on- and off-duty responsibilities. It will also try to ensure officers and other employees have an understanding of those policies.


An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the officer was suspended without pay.