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CTV News Vancouver | Election 2020

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B.C. demographics

Age distribution by voting area

Different parties appeal to different age groups depending on their platform and promises. Knowing the age distribution of an electoral district can help understand why some parties were picked over others.



Household income by voting area

Affordability on food and housing is correlated to income. Understanding the income distribution by voting area can help explain certain voting behaviours.




Children per household by voting area 

With the ongoing concern of reopening schools during a pandemic, understanding the predominant age groups of children in a household may impact the voting behaviour in that riding.



Housing tenure by voting area

Housing affordability has become far more difficult and is a major concern to a lot of people. Mapping the distribution of house ownership type by voting area can help give us an idea of the demographic makeup and how it might influence the voting results.


Maps from Esri Canada

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