VANCOUVER -- As British Columbians wait out the COVID-19 pandemic by mostly staying at home, one question is becoming more pressing for many: what do I do about my hair?

On Tuesday B.C.’s top doctor — who has appeared for weeks on live television every day except Sunday — revealed she gave in to the temptation.

"They say the number one thing not to do in a pandemic is your own hair, and I will say believe them,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, in a light-hearted moment during an otherwise somber press conference.

“And my apologies to Lindsay, my hairdresser, but I did do some of my own tinkering with my own in the last couple of days. Yes, I did not go to the hairdresser's and hopefully it will settle down soon.”

Henry made the comment after some viewers noticed on Monday that she appeared to have gotten her hair cut, with some wondering whether she had violated her own order to shut down hair salons.

Henry made that order on March 21, ordering all personal services businesses to close. The order followed a previous order to close all dine-in service in restaurants. The orders were part of B.C.'s attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

As the pandemic has led to more and more countries and jurisdictions issuing stay at home orders or guidance, people have been showing off their hair styling adventures on social media — some with pride, others more ruefully. Alberta's Minister of Justice, Doug Schweitzer, was one of those who admitted some home haircutting had been going on in his own household.