A YouTube video showing two daring dogs going up against a cougar in Victoria’s Highlands is attracting its fair share of attention.

In the nearly two-minute video, titled “Hungry Cougar vs brave dogs, Highlands, Victoria,” two dogs bark while running circles around the hissing cougar as a camera captures the action from indoors.

The dogs, named Kovu and Teaka according to the video description, show no fear as they eventually chase the big cat away from the house – but not before it appears to take a run at them before the video cuts out.

“The cougar went on a tree,” the YouTube user who posted the video said in a follow-up comment.

The stunning video has attracted nearly 6,000 views since it was posted on Aug. 31, and has also sparked some critical comments from viewers.

“Maybe next time bring the dogs indoors instead of risking their lives,” a user named “thesolo” posted underneath the video.

“Very lucky that it was a juvenile, and not too interested in a fight,” another wrote.

But some of the viewers praised the animals for appearing to work together to drive the cougar away.

“The smaller dog is the boss. Tactics that would impress even the greatest strategists,” one said.

“For some reason I was expecting something different from the title,” user “Ceefaproductions” noted.

Last week, Victoria police warned resident of the Vancouver Island city that a cougar may be on the prowl.

It is unclear whether the cougar in the video is the one they were referring to.

Anyone who sees a cougar is urged to call 911.

With files from The Canadian Press