There are disturbing new allegations about the off-duty RCMP officer involved in Saturday's fatal car crash. Witnesses say the officer left the scene of the accident before emergency crews arrived.

This latest development has shaken the community of Delta, B.C.,  and devastated the family of the young man who died.

Twenty one-year-old Orion Hutchinson was riding his motorcyle when it colllided with a jeep on Saturday night in Tsawwassen. He was thrown off the bike, helmet intact. The driver of the jeep was allegedly RCMP officer Cpl. Benjamin Montgomery Robinson.

He was present when Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was stunned by a Taser gun and at Vancouver International Airport last year. Dziekanski  later died. Robinson has since been transferred to the security unit in charge of the Olympics.

But witnesses believe he was not present when emergency crews arrived to try to save Orion Hutchinson's life. Those who were there, allege he left the scene, with children in tow.

"It was a cowardly thing to do, I'm sorry, my natural instinct, anyone's natural instinct would be to stop and help,'' said a witness, who asked not to be named.

Delta police refused to confirm whether or not the driver fled the scene, but another witness said he fled the scene, and that witness actually spoke to the officer involved.

"We heard the explosion and pieces were still flying. That's how close we were and the man in car fled the scene with his children,'' said a witness, whose name has not been released.

"And there were children--at least two--someone said three but I only saw two,'' the witness said.

"And he gave me his drivers license and said I have to get my children out of here, This is gross and I'll be right back. That didn't happen when I was there,'' the witness added.

Delta police did catch up with the off-duty officer after the crash to administer a breathalyzer test.

Police say he blew over the legal limit of .08.

For now, all the Hutchinson family can do is pick up the pieces. In this case, pieces of the motorcycle left on the pavement where their loved one died.

"He was the most wonderful person who ever lived, I want him back, I just want him back,'' said Judith Hutchinson, the victim's mother.

Meanwhile, Cpl. Robinson has not been charged with any crime and isn't due in court until the New Year. Delta police have also refused to release his name.

If charges can be laid, the penalty for impaired driving causing death has recently been made a lot tougher in Canada. The maximum sentence is life in prison.

With reports by CTV British Columbia's Jina You and Carrie Stefanson.