As the August long weekend approaches, many people will be heading outdoors to catch some rays. But it doesn’t take long to get burned if you’re not careful about applying sunscreen regularly.

“My skin got pretty red and started peeling, it was very painful,” said one beachgoer.

“It's not very fun because it's hard to sleep, because your back kind of hurts, so you kind of have to lay on one side,” said another man on the beach.

While nothing can undo the damage of a sunburn, there are some things you can do to make a sunburn look and feel a bit better as it heals.

Tips for sunburn care:

  • A cool or lukewarm shower can help take some of the heat out of sunburned skin.
  • While the skin is still damp from the shower or bath, apply some moisturizing lotion. Products containing hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that helps bind water to the skin, are particularly effective.
  • Aloe can be helpful too. Applying the plant’s pulp to the sunburned area helps hydrate the skin and calm the inflammation.
  • If the pain is hard to bear, you can take aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • For a more immediate relief, try a cold compress or even apply a thin layer of cold plain yogurt.

Resist the urge to peel your skin or burst any blisters. Exposing the affected skin increases the risk of an infection.

If a blister bursts on its own, you can use a topical antibiotic, like bacitracin.