Watching a mama bear save her cub from a B.C. highway is one claws encounter Ricky Forbes won’t soon forget.

Forbes was driving through Kootenay National Park on Saturday afternoon when he saw a young black bear trapped on the road.

“We pulled over the car and we could see the cub on the side of the highway. It was screaming,” said Forbes, a driver for

Forbes started filming the cub, which was stuck behind an im-paws-ibly tall concerete barrier.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the mama bear to poke her head over and rescue her young – after taking the necessary precautions, of course.

“It looked like the bear looked both ways first,” said Forbes.

In the footage, the mama bear can be seen dipping down and grabbing the cub by its scruff then yanking it over the barrier as another cub pops its head up to peek at the action.

The incredible moment has already been picked up by media across North America and even in the U.K.