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Bryan Adams critical of coyote cull in Vancouver's Stanley Park

Vancouver -

Superstar Bryan Adams has added his name to a growing list of people demanding an end to the ongoing coyote cull in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

The Canadian singer shared his opinion on social media Sunday.

“Culling of coyotes in Stanley Park? Consider the knock on effect by removing a species from its natural habitat,” Adams wrote on Twitter.

An online petition was also launched soon after B.C.’s forests ministry announced it would trap and euthanize up to 35 coyotes in the park.

“Look what happened when they wiped out the wolves in Yellowstone. They had to rewild them back to balance the ecosystem,” Adams argued in his tweet.

“We’re thrilled to see Bryan Adams come to the defence of Vancouver’s wildlife,” said Lesley Fox, executive director of the Fur-Bearers. “The fact that he would take the time to use his celebrity muscle to raise awareness about this issue and support those who really care about animals, we’re so thankful to him."

At least 45 people, including five children were attacked by a coyote since December 2020. Conservation officers believe there may be many more, because many encounters likely went unreported.

The traps will be placed in undisclosed areas of the park, and they will be active from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m daily.

Park rangers will be patrolling the area to keep people out of Stanley Park which is now closed from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily as a precaution. Top Stories

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