There have been many recalls over the years. Some have involved products that have been blamed for the deaths of children, like the Fisher Price Rock’n Play Sleeper.

“The Fisher Price Rock’n Play Sleeper was recalled back in April after Consumer Reports tied the product to dozens of infant deaths,” said Rachel Rabkin Peachman, Consumer Reports.

Yet Consumer Reports found many of the sleepers for sale online – on Facebook Marketplace and Craisglist- along with other recalled products, like the recalled Ikea dressers.

“It’s illegal to sell recalled products, including on the second-hand market, but people might not be aware of the law, or may not realize the product they’re selling has been recalled. But the websites that host their listings should be aware,” added Rabkin Peachman.

“Second-hand retail sites need do much more to put safety first. They really need to track every recall and block the sale of any recalled goods to make sure that it stays out of consumers hands,” Consumer Reports policy expert, William Wallace.

Neither Craigslist nor Facebook responded to questions about steps to prevent the sale of recalled products on their websites. Both eBay and Kijiji said they use a number of techniques to prevent sales of recalled items.

Fisher-Price said it's “communicated directly with nearly two dozen major online marketplaces, including Facebook and Craigslist, urging them to ... prevent the sale or resale of Rock ’n Play Sleepers.”

As for Ikea dressers, the company said it “sent letters to Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay to inform them of the recall.”

Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety division says it’s committed to moving as fast as it can.  Make sure to check the recalls and alerts page on Health Canada’s website before buying or selling used products, or even giving them away and report any problems you see.