High profile members of British Columbia's legal community have said they were shocked to hear that one of their own __ Alexander Henderson - was under investigation in the Cayman Islands.

The Grand Court Justice was arrested on September 24, at 7:00 a.m. outside his home in the tiny Caribbean community.

But in an interview with CTV, Judge Henderson said he was equally shocked by the arrest.

He said he was arrested because he refused to submit to an oral interview with police, regarding the alleged burglary of an office at the Cayman Net News, following a series of letters that were published criticizing the Cayman judicial system as a whole

Now Ace Henderson, as he's known, still has not been charged with anything.

He says he's not suspended, and is allowed to work. He plans to take a weeks vacation to go scuba diving.

When he worked in Vancouver, Henderson was a top prosecutor.

He worked on significant cases, including one that brought down a B.C. government.

He prosecuted Dave Stupich in the so called Bingogate scandal.

Later he was called to the bench.

He was the B.C. Supreme Court justice, who presided over the case of Shannon Murrin, the man accused of murdering of Mindy Tran.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Sarah Galashan.