Traffic at the border crossing from B.C. to Point Roberts has increased by 20 per cent in recent months as travellers head south for bargains on gas and groceries.

Allan Sharp at Dylan's Shell Station says he sees plenty of Canadian visitors.

"The majority of our customers are Canadian, and we love them," he told CTV News.

Canadians are guzzling up gas at prices well below Metro Vancouver's average price of $1.30 or more per litre.

Most stations set their prices at $1.06 a litre on Tuesday, but Can-Am offered fuel at just 99 cents.

And Canadians aren't just buying gas; everything from fresh muffins and coffee to pizza is flying off the shelves at Point Roberts businesses.

At the International Market, a four-litre jug of milk is priced at $3.19, about $1.30 cheaper than at Safeway in Metro Vancouver. A bottle of Yellowtail Chardonnary sells for just $7.99, about $5 less than it would in B.C.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Julia Foy