WARNING: Graphic images

A B.C. couple is suffering from serious burns after strangers threw some corrosive substance on their face and bodies in Vietnam.

Tammy Nguyen said she and her boyfriend, Tom Vo, were on their way to a Lunar New Year dinner when they were attacked by two strangers.

On Feb. 9 in the province of Quang Ngai, Nguyen said they were on a motorbike travelling on a dark road with no street lights when they noticed two men who were also on a motorbike.

"They said something that we couldn’t really understand and we both looked to our left and that's when they splashed the acidic water on us," Nguyen told CTV News via video chat from her hospital room.

She said they immediately fell off the bike, adding one of the men drew out a large knife and slashed Vo's legs.

"I had my purse on me but he didn't come get me. He just went straight for my boyfriend."

The couple, both 25, owns a nail salon in Port Coquitlam.

She believes the attack wasn’t random but she does not know why anyone would hurt them in such a vicious way.

Passersby helped the young couple who has since been recovering in hospital.

Nguyen said 90 per cent of her boyfriend's face is covered in burns; he also has significant burns on his arms and legs and four cuts on his legs.

She has minor burns on her face, arms and legs.

"Right now I am worried about Tom's eyes because he can only see about 15 to 20 per cent. He can barely open his eyes because of the burns," she said as she wiped away her tears.

The pair is recovering in a Bangkok hospital because their travel insurance would help cover some of their treatment there.

Friends have started a GoFundMe campaign to help them with their other medical expenses.

"Tammy has reached out to the Embassy of Canada and they are currently assisting them with medical needs," explained the post. "Tom is in serious condition and they cannot provide much assistance for him due to him being a permanent resident in Canada and not a Canadian citizen."

Nguyen said police in Vietnam are investigating but have not provided them with any details.

"Nobody deserves this, especially when you're on vacation and you're visiting family and all of a sudden, this happens. It's not a vacation anymore, it's a nightmare."

With files from CTV Vancouver's Nafeesa Karim