The top baby names of 2020 likely won't be much of a surprise to parents, as the same few names have held the top spots in the province for years.

The top name this year so far appears to be Olivia, as it was last year, the year before, and the year before that, according to data released by the B.C. government Thursday.

It wasn't the number one choice in 2015 (coming in second, after Emma), but was also in first place in 2014. In fact, Olivia has been the first choice of parents of baby girls for eight out of 10 years

Also on the list released Thursday is a familiar boys' name: Liam. Together with Oliver, Benjamin, Ethan and Lucas, Liam has often been a top choice for parents over the last decade.

The most recent data is preliminary, containing information from Jan. 1 to Dec. 17, but so far, other names in the top spots are Oliver, Noah, Lucas, Emma, Theodore, Ethan and Charlotte.

The top boys' names last year, in order, were:

1. Oliver (233 babies)

2. Liam (217)

3. Lucas (216)

4. Ethan (207)

5. Noah (200)

6. William (191)

7. Benjamin (181)

8. Theodore ( 171)

9. Leo (163)

10. Logan (156)

The top choices for baby girls were:

1. Olivia (263)

2. Charlotte (176)

3. Emma (167)

4. Ava (153)

5. Sophia (149)

6. Amelia (141)

7. Chloe (137)

8. Mia (136)

9. Isla (128)

10. Evelyn (122)

B.C. only lists online names used at least five times in the year, but those names can be viewed on the Ministry of Health website

As is often the case, popular culture appeared to be an influence to many in 2019. Ten children were named Bowie last year, 11 named Stevie, eight named Miley and nine named Keanu.