A running shoe containing what appears to be a human foot and leg bones has washed up in the waters off downtown Vancouver.

A passerby found the shoe floating in False Creek near the Plaza of Nations marina late Tuesday afternoon.

"[It was] quite disturbing -- quite a discovery to make," Vancouver Police Const. Jana McGuinness told reporters.

Police cordoned off the area and the BC Coroners Service has taken charge of the investigation.

The discovery marks the 11th discovery of a human foot washed up in the coastal region from B.C. to northwestern Washington since August 2007.

One of the washed-up feet has been linked to a suspected suicide using DNA evidence.

Two feet found separately in New Balance running shoes in Richmond belong to the same woman, but she remains unidentified.

A matching pair of men's Nikes also remains unidentified, as well as a right male foot found in summer 2007.

So far, police say foul play isn't suspected in connection with any of the feet, which are believed to have detached naturally in the water.