An 83-year-old man has died from his injuries after being struck in a suspected street race last week.

A speeding Corvette plowed into the senior as he waited at a Surrey, B.C., bus stop Sept. 17. The impact ripped the bus station bench from its foundation.

"He'd lost a lot of blood," witness Akkbar Obaidi said of the elderly man.

"Both of his legs were detached. They were just hanging by a few strands of flesh."

After undergoing surgery several times, the man succumbed to his injuries Tuesday night in hospital.

Police say there is a possibility the 25-year-old driver may face criminal charges.

The Surrey resident has been released from police custody and is due to appear in Surrey Court in January 2010.

The Surrey RCMP Traffic Service says it has added additional personnel to its unit for the investigation.

As part of the probe, a traffic analysis will be presented to Crown Counsel.

Investigators are still appealing for any witnesses to come forward. They are also looking for the driver of a newer model yellow Corvette that was seen near the scene.