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2 trapped workers rescued from 'dangerous situation' in Burnaby: firefighters


Firefighters in Burnaby rescued two workers who were trapped in the bucket of a genie lift – a situation made particularly dangerous due to live and arcing hydro wires.

Asst. Chief Gavin Summers of the Burnaby Fire Department said crews were called to the scene of an industrial accident on 16th Avenue Thursday morning.

"What happened was the genie lift, it actually backed into a hole and it fell over and it unfortunately got caught by the hydro wires," he said.

"They were actually arcing and the wires were hot. One of the wires actually hit the ground and was arcing on the ground. So, was a very dangerous situation upon arrival."

Still, he says if the genie lift had not hit the wires the outcome could have been "very different" given that the wires essentially stopped the arm from toppling over entirely.

One complication, according to Summer, was that there was a possibility that getting one person out of the bucket would cause it to shift – potentially putting the second person in more danger.

However, the rescue was a success and no one was injured.

"They are very lucky," Summers said of the workers.

"They're just a little shaken up but they're fine." Top Stories

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