TransLink will be adding 140 "next train" signs to its SkyTrain network as it replaces technology dating back to the 1980s.

The public transit provider announced Tuesday that new displays and speaker systems are coming to 33 stations on its Expo and Millennium lines.

The upgrades rolling out over the next 18 months are meant to improve users' access to information and enhance safety measures, TransLink said. Modern equipment will allow riders to see when the next train is due, and to better hear in-station announcenments.

At the same time, TransLink will add 140 information signs outside station entrances and on platforms, 1,200 closed-circuit platform cameras and 265 guideway cameras.

Money for the upgrades comes from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, with half the money coming from Ottawa, one-third from the province and 17 per cent from TransLink's own budget.