Forget green beer this St. Patrick's Day. Real foodies are taking the holiday to a whole new level with the latest in haute cuisine: the green dog.

Dougie Dogs, a newly opened hot dog restaurant smack dab in the centre of Vancouver's entertainment district is bringing customers a new emerald experience with its lime green hot dog bun.

Not for the faint of heart, there's no subtlety in these neon hot dog holders.

Owner and comedian dougieluv said he introduced the bun because he's inspired by his own Irish heritage.

"In Ireland, mother told me it was tradition to have green hot dog buns. I wanted to bring that tradition to Canada," he told Wednesday morning.

The new buns are available on all of its dogs, including the popular Super Mario Dog, featuring jalapeño and cheese infused dogs, or the Seoul Dog, adorned with Korean BBQ beef and kimchi, a pickled radish.

Dougieluv said Vancouverites have the perfect palate for the unusual dish.

"In this city are so multicultural. We embrace it all and I think people are just going to take that chance – and just go for it."