The food bank in White Rock, B.C. is without the use of its brand new refrigerated truck during the busiest time of year after thieves stole an expensive part from the vehicle.

The fence surrounding the facility also needs repairing after the crooks cut through it to get to where the $90,000-truck was parked.

"They had broken in and they had somehow reached up underneath and taken the catalytic converter," David Young, the CEO of Sources Community Resource Centres food bank, told CTV News.

The emissions control device, which rids engine exhaust of some toxic gasses and pollutants, will cost about $1,000 to replace. Thieves usually target this particular part because it contains precious metals used in the catalyzing process.

"You sort of think, 'Really? Why would you do this to a food bank?'" Young said.

It has left the truck sidelined during the busiest time of the year when it's meant to be transporting food to Surrey, White Rock and Langley.

"The challenge with managing the fresh produce and fresh fruit and vegetables is the dates which they expire are very quick," Young explained.

Mounties are investigating, but staff at the food bank are also concerned about what happens once the truck is fixed.

"I worry that it would be stolen again," Young said. "I think we need to think about our security and how we may be able to provide better security in terms of that vehicle."

With files from CTV Vancouver's Breanna Karstens-Smith