A judge has ruled that Jesse Blue West, 60, is guilty of killing a 14-year-old girl more than seven years ago.

West was found guilty Monday in the first-degree murder of Chelsea Acorn, whose life came to a violent end in June 2005 when she was strangled, bludgeoned in the head with a rock and dumped in a shallow grave near Hope, B.C.

West’s son Dustin Moir was already convicted of Acorn’s murder in 2010.

In the trial, the Crown alleged West befriended Acorn, who was bounced between foster homes and struggled with drugs and alcohol.

The court heard Acorn had called her social worker and asked to go to Vancouver with West, who said he had a group for troubled teens called “Scared Straight.” West allegedly told Acorn he took the teens to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to show the effects of drugs and alcohol.

The social worker testified when she called West to confirm, he denied knowing the girl.

The Crown said Acorn knew West as a drug dealer and she was dating his 19-year-old son, but when the relationship soured, the father and son took Acorn camping and killed her.

With files from CTV British Columbia’s Julia Foy