VANCOUVER -- A pod of orcas got close to a pair of kayakers in a moment captured on camera at a park in West Vancouver.

Video from Sarah Boland, who was at Whytecliff Park Tuesday evening, shows the orcas surfacing close to the shore line.

Boland said she and her friends were on the side of a cliff, where they'd planned to watch the sun set over Howe Sound, when they heard the blow from below.

They saw three whales surface.

Boland said they came close to shore. The Ontario native, who says she always looks for whales and now calls B.C. home, said she was so excited she was yelling and shaking.

"There were two kayakers in the water and the whales seemed curious and got really close to the yellow kayak," she said.

She said the kayakers didn't seem frightened by the encounter, and one looked like they were trying to take a photo with the whales.

Everyone on the cliffside stood to watch the pod.

"Then they carried on and swam away."