The Victoria, B.C., SPCA is overflowing with tiny Chihuahuas after an unexpected delivery last week.

A woman called the shelter Aug. 4 to say she wanted to drop off 10 of the tiny canines, but shelter staff scrambled to find room when she arrived in a Mustang convertible with 42.

One of the dogs gave birth to a puppy a day later, bringing the total to 43.

"We thought we were getting in 10 that day. To end up with 43 is quite a shock and quite a surprise," SPCA Manager Penny Stone said.

In Pictures: Too many Chihuahuas

About 10 of the dogs have already been adopted and several others placed in temporary foster homes.

The Langford woman who surrendered the dogs has been investigated several times for animal hoarding, however, she has never brought in dogs on her own before.

"The woman who had these dogs did love them very much, but it's hard to care for this many of them," Stone said.

The non-profit agency has spent more than $10,000 fixing the dogs and performing necessary medical procedures.

Stone said shelter staff, already overwhelmed with the new deliveries, is just happy the dogs are tiny.

"Thank goodness they're not Saint Bernards -- or Newfies."

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