The family of a B.C. woman who was shot and lay bleeding for days before dying says a Mountie called to her home should have saved her life – and a recording of him chuckling with a 911 dispatcher only adds to their grief.

Lisa Dudley and her boyfriend Guthrie Jolan McKay were shot inside their home in Mission on Sept. 22, 2008, but weren't discovered until a neighbour peered in their window days later.

McKay was dead when paramedics arrived; Dudley died en route to hospital.

Const. Mike White had been called to investigate gunshots at the property, but did not speak to the neighbour who reported them or check out the house where they had been heard.

He drove to the area, but did not leave his car.

Now, Dudley's father Mark Surakka says a recording of a call between White and a 911 dispatcher the night of the shooting proves the officer didn't take his duties seriously.

"I tell you it was rude to hear. It wasn't a good thing to hear and I really don't like hearing it," Surakka said of the tape.

On the recording, White is heard telling the dispatcher "Six gunshots in a row and a crash."

"Yeah," the dispatcher responds, followed by the sound of laughter. "Don't you love this?"

"Yeah, I'll head out," White replies.

Surakka says it took him and his wife 11 months to get a copy of the tape through a Freedom of Information request. They received it last month on the third anniversary of Lisa's death.

They now hope releasing the tape will help them and the BC Civil Liberties Association hold the RCMP accountable. White was docked a single day's pay earlier this year following a disciplinary hearing, and was later promoted to Corporal.

"I find it difficult to even call it a disciplinary measure," Surakka said.

The RCMP say it has apologized to Dudley's family and has changed it's policy so that officers must speak directly to individuals who report shots fired.

Police have arrested three men, Bruce Main, Jack Woodruff and Justin MacKinnon, and charged them with first-degree murder in Dudley and McKay's deaths.

Authorities have not commented on the connection between the three accused and the victims, but believe the shootings were targeted.

Neither victim had a criminal record or was known to police.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington