The City of Vancouver is telling RV, camper and other large vehicle owners to move out of street-side parking spots or face the consequences.

They’ve begun handing out towing notices warning people they’ll face ticketing, towing and impounding, all at the owner’s expense, according to a copy of one of the letters shared online.

A copy of one of the notices, posted to a Vancouver-specific Reddit site, reads “FINAL WARNING” in bold red and white lettering, reminding owners their vehicles cannot remain on any street between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., or stay parked for more than three hours between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

"Not all people parking and living in RVs are at risk of being homeless, nor do they all require support, but the City is committed to those who are and do require assistance," said Lauren Stasila, communications manager for the City of Vancouver.

Owners are being told to have valid insurance displayed in their vehicles, and are also reminded that they're responsible for garbage and debris in the areas they park.

Information about homelessness services was provided at the bottom of the letter, including contact info for the Carnegie Outreach Program, the city’s homelessness outreach team.

"The City of Vancouver’s primary goal is to house homeless individuals, and it is not currently City policy to ticket people living in their vehicles," said Stasila.

"However, illegally parked vehicles of any kind are subject to the same street and traffic bylaws that govern all parking regardless if there is posted signage or not."

 The city wrote that owners who can’t move their vehicles themselves can call the city at 311 to discuss alternative towing options.

"Since the City started issuing warning notices in October 2018, less than five people have contacted the City’s Homelessness Outreach team," she added.