The Vancouver Police Department introduced its new $350,000 armoured rescue vehicle on Tuesday, pledging that the mini tank will help get cops and regular people out of dangerous situations.

The Vancouver Police Foundation raised more than $250,000 in donations to pay for the massive truck, with the City of Vancouver pitching in the rest.

"The primary purpose of the ARV is to provide support in removing an injured or trapped citizen or police officer from a position of extreme jeopardy without creating any further peril to the officers tasked with the mission," Deputy Chief Adam Palmer said in a press release.

He added that the armoured truck would have been invaluable in situations like the 2008 shooting at an office Christmas party on East 5th Avenue, where a disgruntled former employee killed his former boss with a shotgun and took staff members hostage.

"In this situation, the ARV could have transported citizens away from the danger area and brought police closer to the address without concern for their safety," Palmer said.

The truck has a maximum speed of 128 kilometres per hour and can handle a payload of 3,175 kilograms.

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