Vancouver’s affordable housing task force will meet Tuesday to discuss ideas to create cheaper housing, including a proposal to make city streets thinner.

City council will look at making underused streets in the Marpole, West End and Grandview-Woodland neighbourhoods narrower in order to use the extra space for affordable housing.

The aim is to create 10,000 affordable new homes for both buyers and renters.

“I think in the next 18 months we'll see community plans trying to find places to try the thin streets idea in a very small way,” City Councillor Geoff Meggs said.
“Then we'll have to have evaluation. There will be discussion in the next year about arterials and how to improve affordability along those arterials.”

If approved, the pilot project will focus on areas close to SkyTrain stations and significant bus routes.  

Most neighbourhoods with single family homes will not be affected.  

The idea for thin streets was one of seven winners of a city contest aimed at generating new, holistic ideas for cheaper housing.

The idea to narrow roadways was a favourite of Mayor Gregor Robertson, who tweeted it was a “Clear winner!” when the contest results were announced in July.