A Vancouver man who’s been wearing an astronaut costume for the last six months in hopes of winning a free trip into space has just a few days left to achieve his goal.

Herbert Bossaerts is one of 6,000 people who signed up for an AXE fragrance company contest in February. The grand prize: 22 coveted trips into sub-orbit aboard an SXC spacecraft.

To stand out among the crowd, Bossaerts decided to dress the role. He’s been donning his spaceman getup almost everywhere since, from shopping centres to snowboarding trips to his job at Nurse Next Door Home Care Services.

Bossaerts said he was a shy person when he started out six months ago, but living in his spacesuit has helped him open up in ways he never imagined.

“When I put on this suit I become a different person,” he told CTV News. “I can kind of be whoever I want to be and I can just go out there. And people also drop their guards because now they’re curious.”

He’s turned up at major events like the Vancouver Sun Run, the Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival, and even provided entertainment at the BC Lions’ season opener.

With just four days left until the contest closes, he sits at number 12 – which would guarantee him a spot, were it not for a technicality. There are 60 countries participating in the contest, and only two winners can come from Canada.

Bossaerts, unfortunately, is the third Canadian on the list.

He estimates he needs a couple hundred more votes to win. But even if he doesn’t, he’s already had an incredible journey.

“It’s been so amazing,” he said. “I’m met so many amazing people. I’ve met movie stars, rock stars, pro athletes. Everyone on the street just embraces what I do. Once they find out why I’ve worn a space suit for the last six months, they love it.”

To help make Bossaerts’ dream a reality, visit VoteforHerbert.com.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Peter Grainger