VANCOUVER -- Vancouver Island cops put the brakes on a large gathering of the province's most notorious biker gangs on Saturday.

Police say hundreds of members of the Hells Angels and Outlaw Motorcycle Club took to the highway for their annual ride between Nanaimo and Victoria.

Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit spokesman, Sgt. Lindsey Houghton says police officers from a number of agencies joined forces near Duncan to meet and stop the outlaw motorcycle gang members.

Houghton says the bikers ignored red lights at intersections, were seen speeding, and unsafely passing other vehicles.

He says the group blocked traffic and refused to pull over for safety inspections by police.

Houghton says those who did not comply with police direction have been noted and will face appropriate enforcement action.

He says police won't allow bikers to intimidate communities with their noisy rides.

Houghton says May is designated as Motorcycle Safety Month in B.C., and police used the opportunity to conduct road safety checks on members of the outlaw motorcycle gangs.