Two Metro Vancouver police officers accused of sexually assaulting a young Canadian woman while on vacation in Cuba have now gone to trial.

Vancouver Const. Mark Simms and Port Moody Const. Jordan Long were arrested and released following the allegation in March; however, Cuban authorities have prohibited them from leaving.

On Thursday, the two officers had a one-day trial in front of a five-person judicial panel, according to a retired officer who has been following their case.

Leo Knight said he’s been receiving information from Canadian ex-pats living in the Caribbean island.

“The two boys have been asking for video, or access to video evidence, from resort cameras which would prove they didn’t do what they’ve been accused of and they haven’t been able to get access to it,” Knight said.

Simms is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl from Ontario, which would carry a seven-year prison sentence. Long is accused of being the accomplice and would face four years behind bars, according to Cuban news sources.

The officers maintain they are innocent and have had the support of a local church which fundraised for them.

“They’re frustrated. They’ve been there for seven-and-a-half months and they really, really want to come home. They want to get back to work; they want to resume their lives,” Knight said.

Both officers are still employed by their respective police departments.

With files from CTV Vancouver’s Ben Miljure