Mounties have located the two hikers whose vehicle was found unattended near the site of a massive landslide north of Whistler, B.C., on Friday night.

Search efforts resumed at dawn Saturday morning after stopping overnight. Whistler-Pemberton RCMP officers used the pair's itinerary, obtained from friends in Vancouver, to estimate their location and set out on ground and aerial searches.

The hikers were found north of Birkenhead Lake, about 35 kilometres from their vehicle. It is believed both are Vancouver firefighters.

The landslide was one of the largest in Canadian history, involving about 40 million cubic metres of debris.

Authorities issued an evacuation order on Friday night, forcing 1,500 people from their homes amid fears of flooding in the aftermath of the slide.

An evacuation alert covering another 5,000 people was also issued.

By Saturday morning, the threat level had decreased and residents were allowed home.