Vancouver Olympic organizers will spend the next two to three days trucking in extra snow to Cypress Mountain.

The snow is from the Allison Pass area near Manning Park, about 250 kilometres from Cypress Bowl.

VANOC officials said they currently have sufficient snow but decided to bring in 150 truckloads of extra snow as a precaution.

"We'll have a good healthy stockpile of snow on site," said VANOC spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade. "If we should need a little bit of extra snow at Games time, it's there."

Smith-Valade said it has proven to be difficult to forecast the weather.

"Every time it seems to get cold, it doesn't," she said.

She said the snow haul is being paid for out of VANOC's contingency budget.

Asked why snow couldn't have been trucked in from a closer mountain, Smith-Valade said organizers needed the "right snow."

"We had to get the best, cleanest snow," she said. "We wanted pristine white snow."

For the past few weeks, Olympic organizers have been hauling bales of straw onto the mountain to help create jumps and corners for the snowboarding and freestyle skiing venues.