Anyone who's used transit along West Broadway at rush hour has likely experienced crowded buses, long lines and waits.

TransLink is now studying several different options for getting people moving along the commuter route – one of the busiest in the city – and giving the chance for people to weigh in.

The company admits the 99 UBC B-Line – the main bus route shuttling thousands of students to and from the University of British Columbia along West Broadway each day – needs some work.

"We're providing very frequent service and still people are being left behind, you've got unreliable service," said Jeff Busby, TransLink's project planning manager.

The company is moving forward with its plan to expand rapid transit for the route between Commercial Drive and UBC and is gathering input on a number of different options.

Thursday night marked the third in a series of public workshops to ask people to consider six different concepts under consideration.

The first includes bus rapid transit, which would involve separate bus-only lanes along West Broadway.

There are two light rail options, one which would include an extension to Science World, and another rail rapid transit or SkyTrain line.

There's even a plan that combines SkyTrain and light rail. The one major similarity thus far appears to be the Broadway corridor.

"As we figure out the actual design how does the different technologies fit in road above or below the road there may be some opportunities to deviate," said Busby.

The company is also asking the public to fill out a questionnaire on its website and discuss the alternatives in an online forum.

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Rapid transit construction along another major Vancouver route, Cambie Street, led to lawsuits from business owners who say their livelihoods took a hit.

TransLink says a preferred option for the route will be selected early next year. Three more meetings are scheduled for May.

Translink is also currently studying rapid transit options for Surrey, but says the long awaited Evergreen Line into the Tri-Cities is still the top priority. The company says planning for that line is complete but it's still waiting for the funding.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Maria Weisgarber