Mugs designed as a gift for fathers and grandfathers could actually injure them, Health Canada says.

The federal department is recalling mugs sold at Indigo stores across Canada, saying there's a risk the mugs may crack when filled with hot liquids.

The breaks pose "a burn or laceration hazard to consumers," Health Canada said

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported so far, but more than 16,000 of them were sold in Canada.

They were sold between April 2018 and August 2019.

The ceramic mugs bear the inscriptions, "If I wasn't the best dad why would I have this mug?" and ""If I wasn't the best grandpa why would I have this mug?"

There have been two reports of the dad mug cracking or breaking, and three of issues with the grandpa mug.

The dad mug has the UPC 882709384526 and a blue glaze inside.

The grandpa mug, UPC 882709384533, has a red glaze.

Those who purchased the products and have more questions are advised to contact Indigo at 1-833-463-4461, or by email

Customers should immediately stop using the mugs, Indigo says in a post on its website, and should return the products to a store for a full refund. 

The mugs were made in China by the manufacturer Dongguan Kennex Ceramic Ltd.