VANCOUVER -- A local East Vancouver paramedic has been left without any of her work gear after thieves stole her bag from the trunk of her car.

Annelie Van der Heyden had just finished her first shift back after a two week vacation. Starting work at 1 p.m. and getting home around midnight, Sunday.

"I had all my equipment in my gear bag because I’m working at different stations now," she told CTV News Vancouver. "I put everything that I owned in there and then I didn't want to bring it into my home when I got home, I was kind of tired."

The next day she went to run some errands and saw her children’s toys strewn about the car.

“I opened my trunk and sure enough everything was gone out of my trunk," she said.

"It was almost like disbelief because I would think that if you open a vehicle you see two child’s car seats and you see ambulance equipment that maybe there would be some kind of code of respect, like maybe I’ll leave this.”

Van der Heyden says she’s lost everything, including changes of her uniform, helmet, boots, stethoscope, flashlight, N95 masks and even a sentimental item.

“There was a pin that I wear on my uniform that I got for assisting in the delivery of a baby this summer. I was like, 'Oh no, the stork pin.'"

She says all the equipment can be replaced but it will take time. Until then, she can’t work.

“Here’s hoping I can get it back maybe, when they realise it’s of no use to them and of really important use to me.”

Editor's note: Since publishing, several members of the public have reached out to kindly offer to replace Van der Heyden's gear. She tells CTV News her employer will replace the majority of the items that were stolen, and someone has donated a stethoscope.