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The Zoom Boom and the Rise of Medical Aesthetics


During the last two years, the time spent on video platforms has increased dramatically. People are constantly viewing their face on a screen with abundant virtual meetings and video chats.

Dr. Katie Beleznay, dermatologist and aesthetics specialist, shared that she has definitely seen an increase in patients coming into the clinic after watching themselves on Zoom.

Some of the primary concerns are wrinkles, dark under-eye circles and loss of volume in the face.

Faces express a wide range of emotions and the screen can bring certain facial features to light. Dr. Beleznay said in her practice there has been a major shift in what people are asking for.

Prior to the pandemic many patients sought out the Kardashian look, which typically included sculpted cheeks, full lips and strong jawlines.

In 2022, Dr. Beleznay says, most patients are asking for a more natural approach.

Dr. Beleznay works with patients to address their personalized goals. One of the most common treatment options at her practice is Dysport, which softens lines around the forehead or around the eyes.

Dermal facial filler is recommended for those looking to subtly shape their features or add facial volume.

Dr. Beleznay typically treats patients from the Restylane portfolio, as the line offers a diverse range of fillers to provide personalized, natural-looking results.

To learn more check out the full video from CTV Morning Live.

Dr. Katie Beleznay

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