A 24-year-old Surrey woman in the running for one of the “best jobs in the world” has made it to round two, leaving her the lone Canadian out of 25 people vying for the dream position.

Salina Siu inched closer to being named Tourism Australia’s “Chief Funster” after she was one of 600,000 people who jumped at the chance to fill one of six jobs with titles like “Outback Adventurer” and “Taste Master.”

Seven other Canadians were short-listed for other jobs in the contest, held annually by the tourism agency

Siu sent in a 30-second video that highlighted her experience as an event organizer, writer and photographer and touted her more than 59,000 YouTube followers.

The Simon Fraser University graduate said she had no expectations of winning after she applied for the contest.

“I was in complete shock when I found out I got shortlisted,” she said. “Yeah, I really want this.”

The job entails attending concerts and events and then writing about them on social media.

The position pays $100,000 for six months of “work” Down Under.

In the second round, contestants have two weeks to mobilize as much support through social media as they can.

A second shortlist to be announced May 15 will narrow it to three candidates per job, with the final applicants flying to Australia for a week-long interview process.

Tourism Australia will announce the names of the winners on June 21.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Michele Brunoro