After an intensive 12-day rescue effort, authorities have suspended the search for missing hiker Tyler Wright.

The decision was made on Sunday night after a final day of searching rocky West Coast mountain terrain turned up no sign of the 35-year-old.

Authorities say outstanding search tasks will still be completed, weather permitting, and Wright's missing person case will remain active.

A total of 111 areas were scoured, covering 200 square kilometers of terrain. Rescue teams and volunteers spent a combined 5,000 hours searching on the ground and several more in helicopters.

Wright was last seen on Aug. 10, when he headed out onto the trail alone. Squamish RCMP say he is not an experienced mountain hiker and did not take a sleeping bag, tent or compass with him into the woods.

Wright had planned on hiking overland to the Coquitlam area in four or five days. He was reported missing on Aug. 18, and search crews have been looking for him ever since.

Mounties say Wright's family has asked for privacy, but will make a statement in time.