A North Shore Rescue volunteer is cancer-free nearly a year after the community came together to raise thousands to "Rescue the Rescuer."

When father-of-two Jay Piggot was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer last year, so his colleagues stepped up to help his young family.

NSR launched a campaign called "Rescue the Rescuer," and raised more than $108,000 in just weeks to help Piggot pay the bills during his treatment.

Piggot was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a cancer of the bile ducts, and had a tumour on his liver that is so large it was inoperable in the state it was discovered.

After several chemotherapy treatments, Piggot was able to have the tumour removed last month. The surgery left him with only 15 per cent of his liver, but he was told he was finally cancer free.

He spent a month recovering, and on Monday, NSR team leader Mike Danks told CTV News that his team member received very positive news: a clean bill of health.

Piggot is back at work, but easing his way in with lighter tasks. He hopes to return to active duty when his body has fully recovered.

Danks said Piggot and his family were overwhelmed by the support received from the community, and were very grateful for their help.