A week after Mounties seized two animal traps that were set out in Richmond, a similar device snared a raccoon and left the critter so badly wounded it had to be put down. 

The young raccoon was found stuck on a fence Tuesday at a property on Jaskow Gate, about three kilometres from the spot where RCMP officers recently removed a pair of traps on Ewen Avenue.

The Critter Care Wildlife Society was called to retrieve the animal, which sadly appeared to have been suffering in the trap for several days already.

Supervisor Brooklynn Martin told CTV News the raccoon's foot was barely attached to its body, and she suspects the animal might have tried to gnaw its way out of the trap.

"When it's life and death for them … they're going to chew their foot off so they have a better chance to get away from predators," Martin said.

"It was really unfortunate to see, but in a sense I was happy that we got to him so he wasn't out there for another five days."

The animal was taken back to Critter Care Wildlife Society, sedated and, because of its poor condition, humanely euthanized.

Martin said the raccoon was "a baby of this year," and likely only six or seven months old. As disturbing as the incident was, Martin said it could have been even worse if a child had stepped on the trap instead.

"That could have easily been somebody's kid or dog, and that would have done horrific damage to either," she told CTV News.

Setting these kinds of animal traps requires a licence, and Martin said the one hanging from the raccoon's leg was likely placed illegally. Richmond RCMP did not respond to questions about the incident Friday.

Critter Care urged people to think twice before trying to rid their neighbourhood of wildlife, and to instead focus on managing trash and other attractants.

"You get rid of one, another one's going to move right in," Martin said. "There should have to be any of this suffering. We should be able to coexist."